Is Ripple going to buy Moneygram?

A rumor that has spread in the last hours, the one under which Ripple would be about to buy Moneygram, could overheat the market in the coming days, pushing in particular the listing of XRP.
The rumors were fed in particular by a tweet released by a certain @TheCryptHawk, which spread virally yesterday, after the same account had spread hints that were not too veiled in the previous ones. It was the same user who claimed to have received the news and repeated confirmations on an informal level, being evidently considered reliable if we consider that indiscretion has practically gone around the globe, especially on information media that deal with digital assets.

No denial by the companies involved

The strange behavior of the companies involved contributed to making the situation even warmer. Neither one nor the other have in fact confirmed or denied the rumors, with the practical result of confirming the rumors, since so many have not delayed to remember that Ripple and Moneygram have already started a collaboration with 2018 in order to modernize payments, within which MoneyGram should use XRP and xRapid as part of some international payment flows.
As if that were not enough, CryptHawk himself, a trader and data scientist who owes his notoriety to the supply of trading signals then suggested that this deal would be part of a broader strategy in which Walmart would also be involved. A suggestion that has done nothing but further widen the clamor, precisely in consideration of the importance of the parts involved.

What could be true?

Naturally the indiscretion launched by CryptHawk has prompted many experts to ask themselves what could be true or if the story, although best devised, is not destined to turn out to be just a fantasy birth. To support the verisimilitude of the picture it should be remembered for example that in the first weeks of the year they had started to turn persistent voices, and judged by all very consistent, of a now the next acquisition of MoneyGram by Alibaba, an operation that would have involved the use of 1,2 billions of dollars, which however had been stopped in the bud by the prompt reaction of the CFIUS (Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States), who had refused his assent motivating him as a national security problem.
Moneygram therefore does not exclude the possibility of entering an acquisition, also because the company is burdened by one impressive amount of debt (almost a billion dollars), while it remains to be seen whether Ripple has the necessary financial strength to be able to set up an operation of this kind, in light of the consistency of the disbursement that it would entail.
It should also be emphasized that according to many analysts such a move would make no sense for Ripple, as it would put the company in competition with all the other companies that deal with cross-border payments, or one of the sectors to which the company turns to do business.
However, Moneygram remains a coveted prey. The US company that deals with money transfers and remittances, boasts the listing on the stock exchange with the MGI symbol and is at this time the second largest global money transfer provider. Operating in over 200 countries all over the world, it benefits from its operations of an international network that sees the presence of approximately 347 thousand agencies.
If in the next few hours we could have some more precise information on the matter, it should be stressed that the spread of rumors has greatly pushed the price of Ripple on the markets (if you are interested see how to buy Ripple) during these hours, a wave that could still continue for a few days in the absence of denials or confirmations from interested parties.