Salvatore Aranzulla is a very popular Italian blogger on the net, who has now become a real entrepreneur. He is passionate about technology and in particular AI (artificial intelligence) and blockchain. In several articles he has expressed interest in cryptocurrencies and also claimed to own a Bitcoin wallet.

But has Salvatore Aranzulla's Bitcoin system ever invested? We have conducted research and found no evidence of this. For the record, a Bitcoin trading robot is software that trades on the financial markets automatically.

Unlike a human being, the best robots constantly anticipate the markets. In this review we will talk about these and how Salvatore Aranzulla does not seem connected to certain artificial intelligence platforms at all.

Salvatore Aranzulla and Bitcoin, is he in or not?

Salvatore Aranzulla and Bitcoin? Has the blogger ever invested in automatic systems? - Salvatore Aranzulla 1

Salvatore Aranzulla's passion for blockchain and cryptocurrencies is evident, as he often discusses them in his very popular blogs. Aranzulla is also a big fan of modern technologies and in particular of artificial intelligence and all the products derived from it, including those for high frequency trading. For the record, we remind you that the best robots for automatic trading use these high-frequency techniques to generate profits.

Therefore it is correct to say that Aranzulla is interested in the technology that allows these robots to work, however, he has never expressed a direct interest in any particular software. As a result, the rumor that the popular blogger has invested in platforms of the likes of Bitcoin Era and Bitcoin Profit is unfounded. We have analyzed the sources of these rumors and determined that they come from gossip blogs.

These blogs leverage famous people's names and trending keywords to attract users with their clickbait headlines. Their only goal is to divert traffic and thus improve their search engine rankings. Automatic trading systems such as Bitcoin Profit, Bitcoin Evolution and Bitcoin Code they rank among the top of Google Trends and therefore attract all kinds of news, including fake ones.

Bitcoin Profit

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Bitcoin Profit is said to be among the few automated trading robots capable of making daily profits of up to 25%. We have read many reviews and testimonials from satisfied users of the robot. Most of them indicate Bitcoin Profit as a 100% reliable and secure platform. Many reviews also talk about the great ease of use of the software, its excellent customer service and the hassle-free withdrawal process.

Bitcoin Profit has an accuracy level of over 90%. This means that 9 out of 10 trades are closed positively. Those who have used this robot claim that they have managed to close up to 150 trades per day. With its high accuracy and enormous speed, it is almost impossible to have a net loss of more than 10%.

Did Salvatore Aranzulla invest in Bitcoin Profit?

Now that we have discovered the potential of Bitcoin Profit we ask ourselves, has Salvatore Aranzulla ever invested with this software? As mentioned above, this popular blogger has not expressed any direct interest in this robot. As a result, any platform that claims otherwise is only trying to attract user clicks. After all, Salvatore Aranzulla Bitcoin is a widely used search key online.

Salvatore Aranzulla claimed he owns Bitcoin, but never said he used Bitcoin Profit to trade it. His interests are in technology and the potential of cryptocurrencies that transform the global economic system. Aranzulla has been mentioned many times in gossip blogs where it is said that Bitcoin is a brilliant idea and is the better solution for transferring money than traditional fiat.

Our analysis has shown that the majority of Bitcoin Profit investors are cryptocurrency traders. The robot was developed by two software engineers and cryptocurrency speculators. Bitcoin Profit is reportedly based on AI and ML, two technologies that have always thrilled Aranzulla. These technologies are capable of transforming all industries, from finance to medicine to transportation.

How to negotiate with Bitcoin Profit

This robot is fully automatic and therefore does not require any previous skills. Follow these steps to start trading with this bot.

  • Register for free on the Bitcoin Profit website
  • Deposit at least $ 250 on the corresponding broker
  • Try the platform through a demo account
  • Start trading live

Bitcoin Evolution

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Bitcoin Evolution has also often been associated with the name of Salvatore Aranzulla. This robot reportedly has a 93% success rate. As a result, it ranks among the most profitable robots in the world of crypto speculation.

At least 90% of consumer reviews and testimonials indicate that it is possible to increase your initial investment of $ 250 to $ 1000 in just 7 days. Many reviews also indicate that Bitcoin Evolution is an easy-to-use platform and offers excellent customer service. Also, most users are satisfied with the hassle-free withdrawal process.

We recommend testing Bitcoin Evolution with a minimum deposit of $ 250. Starting in this way, you will have the opportunity to observe live market trends and determine the potential of the trading signals generated by the platform, without risking a large capital.

Salvatore Aranzulla recommended Bitcoin Evolution?

We found no evidence that Salvatore Aranzulla recommended Bitcoin Evolution. As mentioned earlier, this blogger has never expressed an interest in automated trading. It is true that he owns Bitcoin in his electronic wallet and has openly praised the concept of bitcoin. However, he has never shown any interest in robots for automatic bitcoin trading.

How to negotiate with Bitcoin Evolution

Bitcoin Evolution is a completely automatic software and therefore easy to use. Registering with this robot is simple and safe. You only need 15 minutes to create an account and start trading.

  • Register for free on the Bitcoin Evolution website
  • Deposit at least $ 250
  • Familiarize yourself with the functionality of the robot via a demo account
  • Click the live button on the dashboard to trade real

Bitcoin Code

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Bitcoin Code is another robot for automatic trading that exploits the volatility of the bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies market, to carry out trades with an assumed profitability of 20% per day. We have analyzed the numerous online reviews about this robot and they confirm that it is highly rated by most users. At least 90% of the people who have tried it Bitcoin Code claims it is consistently profitable. Some reviews also speak positively of its easy-to-use and secure platforms, and its excellent customer service.

From the excellent feedback we have read on major consumer review sites, there is a high probability that this robot is reliable and profitable. We think this robot is worth trying, but with a minimum deposit of $ 250. Read the detailed review of Bitcoin Code .

Salvatore Aranzulla advised Bitcoin Code?

Bitcoin Code is another popular robot associated with the name of Salvatore Aranzulla. However, there is no evidence that this popular Italian blogger has invested in any automated trading robots for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Any site that claims otherwise is simply a fake news blog. Fake news associating celebrities with Bitcoin Code seem to improve their online ranking thanks to the growing popularity of this robot.

Nowadays, fake news platforms use a black hat marketing technique that involves generating clickbait headlines by associating a celebrity with trending keywords. The combination of a viral keyword such as Bitcoin Code and the name of a celebrity in a headline attracts a lot of clicks on the links and thus improves the ranking in the search engines.

How to register a Bitcoin Code

  • Visit the website of Bitcoin Code to create a free account
  • Deposit a minimum deposit of $ 250 with a partner broker
  • Try the demo account to understand the features of the platform
  • Click on the live button to start trading

Our conclusions

Salvatore Aranzulla is one of the few Italian bloggers and entrepreneurs who have expressed a great interest in digital currencies and in particular in Bitcoin. However, there is no evidence that he is interested in automatic bitcoin trading systems. We recommend that you read such statements as mere gossip. As explained in this article, gossip blogs are taking advantage of the popularity of some bitcoin systems to divert web traffic to their sites. These platforms create clickbait headlines using trending keywords and celebrity names to get link clicks.

It is important to avoid such platforms and obtain information only from tested and verified sources. Read our full reviews on bitcoin auto trading robots to learn more about these systems.