SwissInv24 is a well-known broker that you can use to trade online. But before you sign up on their website, you should make sure they are trustworthy. Although they are known as one of the best brokers on the market, according to their website, you should read our review first to find out how to get the best results.

With this complete and honest SwissInv24 review, you will see that this may not be the best broker on the market as they say. Also, most traders and experts don't recommend this broker. This is the complete and honest Swissinv24 review, which will let you decide if you want to use them or not.

Broker information

SwissInv24 is known as an online broker for trading forex and CFDs. They also offer some cryptocurrency pairs that traders can trade with.

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SwissInv24 is an offshore broker and appears to be located in Bulgaria. There is no physical address available and it is not proven which country they really come from.

They offer a phone number and an email address. However, it is not proven that these actually belong to SwissInv24. This is the first sign that there may be something wrong with this broker.

Is it registered and regulated?

Since there is no valid physical address available, it is clear that they cannot be registered as a broker. Each registered broker must have a valid address and telephone number. SwissInv24 does not show any addresses on its website. We are also not 100% clear and transparent about the broker's country of origin.

Since they are not registered, they cannot even be regulated. An essential thing for any broker that you want to use for your online business. A regulated broker is a reliable broker that you can use without worries. SwissInv24 is not regulated, so they are really risky to use.

For this reason, we recommend using a trading platform that has proven more efficient in the past such as Bitcoin Bank

  • The real success rate is undoubtedly over 80%
  • Despite the high percentage, cryptocurrency trading always hides some risk
  • We recommend starting with a minimum investment of $ 250

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Account information and minimum deposit required

SwissInv24 offers four different types of accounts. Accounts have different benefits, different leverage and different minimum deposits. There isn't actually much information on spreads available. This makes us question: why don't they have this information available on their website?

One problem I encountered, is with their minimum required deposit. This is because their deposits start at very high prices. It starts with $ 500 and ends with $ 15.001. And, since they are an offshore broker, the risks are greater and you may lose the money you have deposited into their account. There are many brokers who have deposits starting at $ 250 and are not offshore brokers.

Bitcoin Bank it is just one of them. Creating an account with this entity is very simple. All you need to do is follow these steps:


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First, click the button below to create your free account on Bitcoin Bank and access its platform. Registration is quick and easy.

Bitcoin Bank it is only available in countries where regulated brokers are offered. These include Europe, Australia and parts of the United States and Africa.

Registration and use of the platform are free, because Bitcoin Bank earn money by charging a 2% commission on the earnings made by users. The robot gains nothing when there is a loss.


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In order to access the markets and trade with Bitcoin Bank, you need to make a deposit. As mentioned above, Bitcoin Bank relies on regulated brokers to manage financial transactions.

As a result, all deposits are made on the corresponding broker page. Bitcoin Bank it is connected to the platforms of these brokers and therefore it is not necessary to open a separate website to perform the deposit. The minimum deposit required is only $ 250.


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After trading through the demo, it should be super easy to go Live. Set Stop Loss and Take Profit according to your needs and click the live button.

It is likely that Bitcoin Bank has better performance if left running at least 8 hours a day. This is because it applies the scalping trading strategy, which involves capitalization on small price movements.

Bitcoin Bank seems to work best during Wall Street's period of activity, which is when the price of bitcoin is highly volatile. The correlation between bitcoin's volatility and Wall Street is linked to the billions of dollars in crypto derivatives traded on the US market.

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The platform used for trading

This is one of the few advantages offered by the Swissinv24 broker. The platform that is offered for trading. They offer one of the best platforms on the market, namely MT4. This is not only one of the best trading platforms in the world, but it is also a reliable and easy to use platform.

Most traders like to use this platform and it's very easy to see why. This is also one of the reasons why most traders choose this broker. Because of the platform, but as we mentioned earlier, not all that glitters is gold ...

Do they offer a bonus to traders who sign up?

On their website there is no mention of any deposit related bonuses, a bit like casinos usually do.

However, some users have reported the lack of transparency of the company, that when they made a withdrawal request, the support agents talked about bonuses and thresholds to be reached in order to make the withdrawals. Everything even stranger.

No trading information available

It is important to make sure you know what the trading conditions of the broker you intend to use are. This gives you an indication as to whether you are using a broker you can trust or not.

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If we take a look at the trading conditions of this broker, we can easily find that the trading conditions are not very clear.

This means that you don't really know what the conditions will be for trading, making it risky to deposit money and start trading on this site, using a broker whose trading conditions you don't know.

What do regulators say about the broker?

This is the most important thing you should know about SwissInv24. What do regulators say about them? Regulators advise traders against using SwissInv24, including CONSOB.

This is due to all the different negative things that hover around brokers. The fact that they are not registered, regulated or have a valid address. There are even some regulators who have blacklisted SwissInv24 and advised against its use by traders.


Now that you have read the SwissInv24 review, you will realize that this may not be the best broker to use for trading.

There are other brokers out there that are more recommended and that are better and offer more of what this does. It may not be a good idea to register with them to start trading.

You can access the website of Bitcoin Bank and start trading by clicking the button below.

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Is Swissinv24 reliable?

On their website they say they are one of the best brokers on the market, if not the best. Well, allow us to disagree. They are not registered, they are not regulated and their location is not even known ...

Are there brokers similar to Swissinv24?

Similar, but definitely better. The ones recommended in this review are registered, regulated and therefore certainly reliable, unlike Swissinv24.

I was scammed by Swissinv24. What should I do now?

At this point, unfortunately, there is very little to do. Not being a regulated nor authorized broker, you cannot go to any authority. All you have to do is register with a reputable broker to try to get your money back.