ThunderBolt, efficiency linked to the TBC token

ThunderBolt, efficiency linked to the TBC token - ThunderBolt 1

ThunderBoltCoin as a spearhead against sustainability issues

We live in an era where electricity consumption is involved in problematic situations. The token presented in challenge one of humanity's biggest problems, sustainable life for the planet. At present, power generation from Renewable sources and recycling are scarce.

In recent decades and increasingly, we have witnessed multiple initiatives that seek to solve the environmental problem. Sometimes through the investment of clean energy mechanisms, sometimes through traditional cleaning and collection initiatives (mainly local volunteering).

In addition, on the web, we find campaigns and platforms that promote more a stay on the sustainable planet. Recover the necessary forest areas and a long list of tasks remains to be done. ThunderBolt presents another of the pillars to improve our practices and promote a more sustainable existence. Access to efficient, innovative and cutting-edge technologies without barriers to adoption: this is the key to ThunderBolt and the TBC token.

ThunderBolt, efficiency linked to the TBC token - ThunderBolt

Easy access to cutting-edge technologies with ThunderBoltCoin

The most innovative technology is not always applied to the home environment, sometimes it is reserved for large companies and / or large-scale private projects. This is not the case with the ThunderBolt project, which offers innovative technology from the power generator highly efficient with the Pelton RX-18 turbine; designed by the expert Antonio Romero. A milestone in the field of studies of A. Romero who proposed an innovative waste management and energy efficiency system.

The project is based on advanced developments for waste management and energy generation. Generators, vehicles and a range of products that can pave the way for clean energy and sustainable practices. Despite the great technological advances of recent years, millions of people do not have access to electricity.

Another of the projects led by engineer and expert Julio Isgleas, which he has developed for several years, with an optimal result, is based on a high frequency resonator, which transforms the frequency into movement. This leads to special coils, which convert high frequencies into energy, to charge the batteries, allowing their implementation in any device that consumes them, both in direct and alternating current. The system is ready to save between 60% and 70% of the energy cost of an electric motor. The resonator will be induced by a solar plate, since the energy consumption is very low.

The most viable solution could be to obtain an economic, efficient and sustainable source of energy to which we all have access. However, the obstacles and difficulties are evident due to the linear model of economics, production and recycling. The technology presented in the project connected to the TBC token offers a synergy between them. Encourage the trend to use recycled materials from waste and the reuse of raw materials.

ThunderBolt, efficiency linked to the TBC token - tunder

The Ethereum network chosen as the native ecosystem of the TBC token

Today we are not surprised that the projects of innovation, research and clean technology adopt the blockchain. The trend towards adopting blockchain as a basis for the monetization of businesses and initiatives continues. A bold and innovative project like ThunderBolt deserves a contrasted blockchain. Research and development (R&D) are eternally linked to the technological field and the fusion of both gives rise to the project.

In the universe of blockchain, we find two walls that are still pending demolished; complicated walls, such as adoption and ease of use for non-expert users. In this regard, the sector improves thanks to the simplicity provided by Ethereum and programming smart contracts with Solidity. The latter, the programming language and the configuration of smart contracts in the Ethereum network facilitate the creation of the Coin ThunderBolt token and compatibility with multiple decentralized ecosystems.

Ethereum is the most adopted, secure and proven smart contract blockchain network in Data. An indisputable choice to offer the maximum operational capacity of tokens. This and other details could favor the decentralized adoption of innovative and sustainable technologies.

Details on the launch and distribution of the TBC token

The TBC token is issued under the conditions listed below. A maximum created TBC. The price of the token that we recommend consult the official website because it depends on the
acquisition phase. The distribution of tokens created in the Ethereum network is based on the following proportions:

● combined total amount of 50% tokens for pre-sale and initial sale.
● 20% is awarded for the project founders, management and operations.
● 15% is the percentage assigned to research and development (R&D).
● 10% is the amount assigned to marketing and promotion.
● Reservation of 5% of the ThunderBolt project.

The range of products that guide the TBC token towards global sustainability

On the website, it is possible to obtain information regarding the complete range presented, including a machine called Toro 10.000. Able to dispose of up to ten tons of waste per day. It is presented as the first part of the list. There is no doubt that the accumulation of waste both on land and at sea is a global problem. Including an entire market that hosts the monetization of "landfill countries" whose environmental situation is starting to be critical. Tauro 10.000 could be the solution for waste management in distant situations to be sustainable.

The prototype of the Taurus 10.000 system has been verified, approved and the results of its production have been documented both by video and by an expert report created by an official laboratory in the Czech Republic. The results have been so positive that we can start with the series production. There are already several orders for the Taurus 10.000 machines and to be able to establish the production plant we start now
with the pre-sale of the TBC in order to generate the necessary funds for the construction of the plant.

The second product launched by the project listed in the list found on the site is an electric motorcycle. The OPTYMUS motorcycle, ThunderBolt is presented as a 100% electric vehicle that incorporates an RX-18 engine; the range of the bike is between 150 and 200 kilometers, on one charge. The global adoption of electric vehicles is proceeding slowly; most manufacturers opt for hybrid vehicles. ThunderBolt presents fully electric motorcycles that can be exchanged for the TBC token, so the use and adoption cases seem to have been thought of

Cutting-edge technology at home with ThunderBolt
A trend change experienced by the industry is bringing blockchain technology to more everyday areas. Financial speculation cryptographic coins or tokens are generally associated with it. A trend that changes with great speed. During the bearish market experienced in 2018, much of the crypto coins or tokens with dubious utility were projected. This cleaned up a market full of new projects and generated a higher level.

With proposals such as TBC, projects of dubious innovation have day by day more complicated to enter the competition in favor of projects developed and supported in real utility. In terms of sustainability, a lot is expected from large companies and production chains.At the same time, global energy demand may soon become
problem. The innovative cGreen Pegasus electric boiler, which can optimize energy costs in homes, can also be purchased with TBC tokens. These and other products will form part of the ecosystem created, generating use cases and utilities for the ThunderBoltCoin Token.

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