TQR Trade (Tqrtrade.com) is a scam-smelling broker from a mile away, stealing any customer who tries to deposit money on their platform. TQR Trade says it offers one of the most accessible ways to get rich ...

Is it really possible to get rich with this broker and in such a short time? This thorough and comprehensive TQR Trade review will reveal the whole truth. After receiving hundreds of complaints from users who have wasted time and money, we decided to investigate TQR Trade more thoroughly.

Broker information

According to the footer on their website, this broker is owned by another company. The name of the company is Eternity Capital Management LTD which claims to be based in Nicosia.

There is a reason why these scammers have decided to name Nicosia as their home base. It's all part of their grand plan to hide the truth from members. Who are the people behind this platform? Why are the actual owners of this platform not named?

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A broker who is surrounded by anonymity should never be trusted by any investor. Anonymous brokers are a bad choice as they leave members locked out. Once you have deposited your funds on any broker, you can consider them lost.

These scammers profit from deposited money by claiming to offer Forex services. Why would anyone create this site and not want to get recognized? This is simply a hoax intended to lure investors to deposit funds on TQR Trade.

Is it registered and regulated?

Licensing and registration are an important aspect when dealing with any broker. This broker has published 346/17/73 as a license number. The scammers will do or say anything to make investors believe that it has been duly registered.

After checking with the FCA, research reveals that this broker is not licensed or registered. This means that TQR Trade illegally handles Forex transactions. Anyone who signs up risks being defrauded of the entire deposit.

Where are their license and registration documents to prove true reliability? Is this broker planning to get a real license from official regulatory bodies? This broker claims to have a UK address and, at the same time, to be based in Cyprus.

However, the regulatory body that registers brokers in this region has not reported any brokers with this name. CySEC has never granted this broker a pass to conduct business. This is proof that we are dealing with a scam broker.

And it is precisely for this reason that we recommend trading with a platform that has proven to be more efficient in the past such as Bitcoin system

  • Real success rate is likely over 82%
  • The platform is reliable, but the risks associated with cryptocurrency trading remain
  • We recommend investing no more than $ 250 to get started

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Account information and minimum deposit required

TQR Trade offers four different account types to choose from. These account types include Standard, Classic, Premium, and Gold. The minimum deposit required to start trading is $ 250, $ 2.500, $ 20.000 and $ 50.000 respectively. What we found odd with these accounts is that features and perks don't change. Why should a user deposit $ 20.000 and get the same benefits as a user who deposits $ 250? This is why we strongly recommend that you stop your trading activities with this broker immediately.

Why use these specific account types with the same benefits? This broker is trying to trap different classes of investors in our opinion. Be sure to look at what brokers offer in their account types. Accounts must be different and offer unique benefits. This broker did not think about it because he hoped that no one would notice. This is why we must report this broker as a real scam.

Rather, it's much easier and safer to create an account with Bitcoin system. All you need to do is follow these steps:


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To use the Bitcoin System you will need to open a new account. On their homepage there is a form to fill out where you can enter your basic information. Once this is done, you'll need to create a secure 6 to 10 character password to protect your account.

At this point you will be directed to the page of a regulated broker to make the deposit of your trading capital.


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Before you can trade with the Bitcoin System, you will need to make a minimum deposit. It is very simple to proceed. Just click the Deposit button to get started.

You will be contacted by the site administrators, who will guide you through the whole process, which takes no more than 10 minutes. Deposit methods are diverse and among the most popular and reliable in the world.


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As soon as the deposit is reflected in your account, you can start trading. Live or in demo. Before starting though, you will need to set up the trading conditions. Set a daily stop loss, maximum profits and daily maximum trades.

You will also need to choose the amount to invest for each trade. After that, you can also choose which cryptocurrencies to trade with, depending on your personal preferences. If not, you can let the robot decide.

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The platform used for trading

Despite all its flaws, the broker at least provides traders with a wide variety of tools to trade on the MetaTrader4 (MT4) platform. More specifically, TQR Trade allows its clients to trade many currency pairs and a range of CFDs on indices, commodities, stocks and popular cryptocurrencies.

The presence of MT4 is always appreciated. Easy to use, fast and reliable, MT4 is the most used trading platform in the forex industry. This trading software is especially popular for its advanced charting, auto trading robots also known as Expert Advisors (EAs), customization, and much more. Furthermore, MT4 is available in all forms: download, web based version and mobile app.

Do they offer a bonus to traders who sign up?

TQR Trade offers traders bonus promotions which are always tied to strong requirements for eligibility to withdraw. With TQR Trade a trader will have to reach a trading volume of at least 3,3 lots (one lot equals 100000) for every $ 10, which is deliberately excessive as an amount to have a legitimate pretext for holding client funds.

No trading information available

Without a shadow of a doubt, we are dealing with a broker whose intention is to steal money. Evidence clearly reveals that we are dealing with a broker who wants to steal funds with false claims.

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TQR Trade is not a real broker and uses its website to scam traders. The best thing is to ignore their signup requests. Resist receiving calls from their "professional" agents.

What do regulators say about the broker?

TQR Trade has been flagged by CySEC as a probable scam and advises everyone to stay as far away from it as possible. Furthermore, it has no real license. What it claims on its website is just false. Also, he seems to be involved in some sort of serial scam scheme. Therefore, we advise investors to move towards better trading options that we linked to in this review.

As always, our best advice for traders looking for a reputable forex broker is to select from those licensed by reputable financial agencies such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK or the CySEC in Greece, and of course, CONSOB. in Italy.

You can access the website of Bitcoin system and start trading by clicking the button below.

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Is TQR Trade reliable?

No, TQR Trade is a real organized scam, which does nothing but find new excuses every time to keep your money. Furthermore, it seems that the platform used is being manipulated remotely.

Are there brokers similar to TQR Trade?

Of course, similar, but above all authorized and regulated. Stay away from brokers who claim to be such, without providing any proof. If not, carry out more thorough checks.

I have been scammed by TQR Trade. What should I do now?

Unfortunately you came late to read this review and all we can do is advise you to sign up with a reputable broker like the one recommended here to get some money back.