To trade online you do not need to have a desk and a desktop computer. Thanks to the latest technological discoveries, today it is also possible to trade with applications for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Of course, for eye health, it is always better to have a bigger screen in front of you, especially if you have to monitor the markets looking for profitable opportunities, but now that even smartphones and tablets have grown in size, this gap is no longer so clear.

Trading what it is and how to do it through app
The best apps for online trading and how to choose them - Mobile Trading 512 1

Trading in its simplest exception, buying an asset at a low price and then reselling it at a higher price to make a profit. To trade, today it is no longer necessary to have a fixed or portable PC, because the best brokers offer more than enough trading apps to trade via mobile phones and tablets.

Trading apps also allow users to access platforms via mobile, in a more convenient and convenient way compared to a desktop PC. First of all because through these mobile apps the platforms are always at hand; and then because the app is perfect to run on the smallest screen of a mobile phone or tablet.

For this reason, if your favorite broker offers you the possibility to download a trading app on your device, do it without hesitation because you can be sure that it is a better solution than accessing the platform via a mobile web browser.

The best trading apps for smartphones and tablets

There are many brokers who today bet on trading from mobile devices by offering their operators cutting-edge trading apps. They therefore combine advanced desktop trading platforms with trading apps to download directly to smartphones and tablets, both iOS and Android.

There are mainly a couple of trading apps that we have decided to put under the magnifying glass for the number of positive reviews received and the number of downloads. In the following sections, we will examine these apps in detail, meanwhile we tell you that it is:The best apps for online trading and how to choose them - stock trading apps online trader 512

  • eToro
  • Libertex

How to create an account with eToro

eToro offers all of its clients one of the best trading apps in the industry. The trading app of this broker offers everyone the opportunity to do mirror trading with social features, bitcoin trading and day trading.The best apps for trading online and how to choose them - eToro Logo new 1024x675

In this way you can also do automatic trading following the professional traders of the platform, a useful way for beginners who can learn how to trade without risking too much and without a trading course.

An advantage offered by eToro is that it can test its platform with a demo account, which does not require any deposit. Its app is optimized for both iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from the official page or from the respective stores.

All this is not surprising, since eToro can be considered a giant in this sector and its site also offers a huge trading library to learn the basics.

To download the app:

  • Log in to the official website from a web browser or search for eToro on your storeThe best apps for trading online and how to choose them - etoro app 989x1024
  • Download and install the trading app on your mobile deviceThe best apps for trading online and how to choose them - etoro login
  • If you are not registered, choose a real money account or demo mode and proceed with the registrationThe best apps for trading online and how to choose them - etoro Borsa 3
  • Now you just have to practice in demo or launch yourself immediately on real markets with real moneyThe best apps for trading online and how to choose them - etoro Borsa 2

Downloading the eToro trading app is very simple. You can directly access its official app.

How to create an account with LibertexThe best apps for trading online and how to choose them - Libertex logo

Libertex is another trading apps that offers excellent service. Its cfd trading platform is one of the most popular in the world, and has been downloaded by millions of users from their respective stores, who have also often given it an excellent rating.

  • To find the Libertex trading app, simply access the Apple Store or the Google Store and type Plus500 in the address bar. To install it, all you have to do is click on the Install button.The best apps for trading online and how to choose them - libertex0 1024x646
  • After launching the platform on your mobile device, all you have to do is log in and you will see in your balance the virtual amount that has been credited to you.The best apps for trading online and how to choose them - libertex2
  • At this point you can practice forex trading, cryptocurrency trading and commodity trading with a beautiful, fast and easy to use app.The best apps for trading online and how to choose them - libertex1

Obviously the trading app of Libertex0 is fully controllable via touch screen and to open positions, close and edit them, just touch the relative icon. Excellent display of charts, tools, etc.

What are the advantages of a trading app compared to a mobile app?

The best apps for online trading and how to choose them - Mobile Trading 512 2

In addition to offering fewer constraints, the trading apps offered by the best brokers in the world also allow traders to negotiate whenever they want or feel the need, just have their smartphone or tablet with them.

By using an application, it is possible to have at your disposal all the features also present in the desktop counterpart for fixed computers and in addition, you can trade with a quick and easy platform, without envying anything to PC software.

The trading apps also allow you to stay up to date on the latest market news, offering daily news on the trend of the main markets or those preferred by the user.

In addition to improving the navigability of trading apps, the developers of these apps are committed to developing increasingly reliable and secure apps. In addition, all or almost all are available for a "road test", that is, with a demo mode to try them before registering.

How to Choose the Best Trading App

In reality there is no predetermined path to choose the best trading apps, which are nothing more than the ones best suited to your needs, but you can certainly follow our advice.

The best apps for trading online and how to choose them - etoro mobile app
  • First of all, if you want to start doing general trading, rely on apps of regulated, legal and internationally recognized brokers. Specifically, check whether the chosen brokers have certificates such as CONSOB for Italy or a CySEC license valid throughout Europe.
  • If there is no complete reference to these supervisory bodies on the broker's site you are considering, then this is already a good indication to change direction.
  • As well as many other markets, there is no shortage of scammers in online trading too, who through fake mobile applications, promise to make you buy a beach house or a luxury car from evening to morning. The truth is that trading does not mean getting so rich in a short time and whoever tells you otherwise just wants to scam you.

Since online trading has developed so widely, numerous platforms have been launched on the Internet whose sole purpose was to defraud the most naive people and save money. One of the best platforms today is etoro. It is regulated by CySec, FCA and has over 6 million users worldwide.

You have to know that to earn with trading you need to sweat, study and have a lot of experience. No trader is perfect, everyone makes mistakes, even the best ones, but those who succeed are not those who close all positions with a plus sign (impossible), but those who close more positive than negative positions.

What techniques to use to invest in trading apps

In trading it is impossible to eliminate risk entirely. The best trading apps that we have described below, specify this aspect quite clearly. Trading it means risking losing your capital, even in full.

Even if you use the apps of the best online brokers, this does not mean that you cannot lose your capital 100%. For this reason, we suggest that you use some useful expert trading technique, which will help you manage your money better.

Money Management

This trading technique consists in dividing your capital on many small trades, rather than on one or two positions. With Money Management, no more than 5% of your capital is placed on every single position. In this way the risk is greatly reduced, but it is never eliminated!

From what has been said so far, it is clear that the cardinal principle for choosing the best trading app is that of legality. Then everyone is free to rely on the broker they prefer, based on their preferences. Some choose eToro, for example, for the social trading features offered, others Plus500 for other reasons, and other traders choose other legal apps for various personal reasons.


Our advice is, ultimately, to choose trading apps that perfectly fit your needs, but which are mainly offered by legal brokers such as those proposed in this article. Not only are eToro and Plus500 reliable, there are many more, but they are definitely two of the best for beginners, as they offer safe, easy-to-use and all-mobile trading apps.