Visa Coinbase card: the credit card for cryptocurrencies

Great agreement between Coinbase and VISA, the first Coinbase / visa credit card was issued for cryptocurrencies.

What is the Coinbase Card

The operation is very simple, it is a Debit card of the Visa circuit, which can therefore be used in millions of stores worldwide with the support of Coinbase (see the guide to Coinbase) which acts as a cryptocurrency Wallet.

In other words, Coinbase, on which different cryptocurrencies can be bought and kept, makes your cryptocurrencies available, with Euro / Dollar exchange rate and other instant FIAT at the time of payment in the Visa Circuit.

Visa Coinbase card: the credit card for cryptocurrency - coinbase card

Example Coinbase card operation

So you have to pay 100 euro with the Coinbase Card a product?

Choose from the app Coinbase Card your crypto that will be converted into euros and you can proceed to payment. 

The card is contact less, has pins and cip.

Is the Coinbase Card useful?

It depends, it is not useful to the holders that is to those who want to keep the cryptocurrencies, on the contrary, it is useful to all those who speculate and maybe they are having good revenues on Bitcoin and the like.

The great utility is that while now if we have revenues we must:

  • change cryptocurrencies in Fiat
  • Transfer Fiat by bank transfer to our account
  • And then use the credit card

With this system it's all instant, we save several days (at least 3-4).

Where to download the app to Manage the Coinbase Card

Visa Coinbase card: the credit card for cryptocurrency - coinbase card download

Coinbase Card Download

App to Manage the Coinbase Card from Android

App to manage the Coinbase Card from Apple

How to request the Coinbase Card

We have just done it, the card is not requested from the official site but only from the app:

1) Download the Android or Apple app

2) Enter your phone number

3) Enter the security code that will come to you after entering the number

4) Connect the Coinbase account, then put the Coinbase mail and password

5) Authorize by entering the pin

6) Accept the conditions of use

7) Confirm the shipping address

8) The card will arrive in 1 / 2 days

Create an account on Coinbase

If you are interested in opening an account you can go to this one link 

It is necessary to make a registration by sending your personal documents (to ensure identity).

The purchase of cryptocurrencies can be made by bank transfer or credit card or simply by transferring your cryptocurrencies there.