Webhits.io launches a platform with WEB tokens

Webhits.io launches a platform with WEB tokens - Web Coin

1 July 2019 Webhits.io launches a beta platform with WEB token integration.

The Webcoin project announced yesterday the launch of the first platform of Digital Marketing 2.0. The launch is scheduled for July 1th, 2019. A link to register for the beta version will be provided by the Webhits.io team just before the official launch date.

Currently the WEB token can be purchased on over 20 cryptocurrency platforms, , here the complete list of exchanges is available.

Webhits.io launches a platform with WEB tokens - EXCHANGE WEBHIT

What is Webhits.io?

Webhits.io is an exchange platform for web and social media services p2p based on interest. The platform's mission is to deliver tangible results, increase the advertiser's return on investment (ROI) and significantly reduce costs for engagement engagement services. global websites and social media.
A distinctive feature of the platform is the innovative Social Mining functionality that will radically transform the relationship between advertising and cryptocurrency.

What is the WEB toke and what is it for?

Webcoin (WEB) is a token ERC20 utility based on blockchain of Ethereum. The token Web design acts as a unified currency for the purchase and sale of services within the Webhits.io platform.

How can an advertiser increase ROI results?

Unlike other existing and relatively expensive social media platforms, Webhits.io offers 10 times cheaper advertising services. Just like Facebook, Twitter, Medium and Pinterest the Webhits.io is also based on interests. This allows individual owners, companies and global brands to more effectively advertise their offers in highly targeted countries of interest. Connecting and capitalizing on interest-based audiences will increase ROI for advertisers.

What is social mining?

Unlike Bitcoin, the social media Webcoin mining requires almost no GPU and CPU. Webhits.io suggests much simpler methods for earning Webcoins within the platform. Social miners are individuals who offer paid social media exposure. The duty of a miner is to provide a certain amount of exposure in the form of likes, actions and successes for a company. The miner would be motivated to provide the service because a rewarding portion of Webcoin's revenue will correspond to its service cost.

How does everything work?

1. Advertiser purchases 1 Webcoin from an exchange of criptovaluta or from the Webhits.io platform.
2. The advertiser spends 1 Webcoin within the Webhits.io platform and sends an order for a predefined amount of exposure on social media (for example, 200 social actions, Like).
3. The Webhits.io platform receives 1 Webcoin and sends an order to the miners for a pre-negotiated amount of exposure on social media.
4. The miner offers the service successfully.
5. The Webhits.io platform confirms the completion of the activity and pays the quantity L of 1 Webcoin to the miner.

The Webhits.io platform retains the rest of the 1-L portion of 1 Webcoin.
By maintaining a small percentage of Webcoins in each operating cycle, the remaining public supply of the currency will slowly decrease over time, leaving the team with available Webcoin assets to which we would like to refer as a temporary operational "inventory". The goal here is to create shortages of cryptocurrency exchanges that will increase the demand for Webcoin and ultimately its market price. The Webhits.io platform will generate revenue by offering this WebCoin "inventory" to advertisers or by selling it directly on the stock exchange, thereby maintaining the long-term public supply of sustainable Webcoin.