Shares related to the marijuana market are becoming increasingly popular with investors as more and more countries are legalizing cannabis. At the same time, developers are designing robots to transform the way trading is done. Weed Millionaire app is new automated trading software designed to trade marijuana stocks while you sleep and supposedly generate profits. But with its popularity came a lot of controversy and conflicting opinions.

This is why we tested the robot; determine once and for all if it is truly reliable. Based on our tests, the software does not appear to be a scam and appears 100% safe. Read on to find out more.

What is Weed Millionaire?

Weed Millionaire is a cannabis-related CFD trading software that works automatically to manage investor funds and attempt to return profits.

Its website is different from what we would call "commercial scams", which still honor the market today by presenting themselves as authentic. This trading system is supposedly made up of very experienced traders who have been successful in using the software.

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Weed Millionaire has spread to many countries and continents around the world and works well. However, many people are skeptical of this software due to the appearance of multiple scam robots. However, after putting this software through its paces, we found that unlike them, this one feels safe and real.

The platform is fast becoming the largest cannabis CFD trading app of the year. In over 1.600 trading sessions that were performed by the software, only one 1-day session of all trading days allegedly resulted in losses. This would explain why when users try it, they consistently report profits.

Is Weed Millionaire a scam?

According to the website, Weed Millionaire is very beneficial for wealth creation as it uses reliable technologies and algorithms. Below are some of the reasons why you should trade with this software.

  • As a beginner, you can learn the rudiments of trading while trading using the Weed Millionaire software
  • The app claims to have an average accuracy of 90%, hence a 9/10 chance of trading successfully
  • You can access the trading platform on your smartphones (Android and iOS) and PC (Windows, Linux, Mac)

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How does Weed Millionaire work?

Having a perfect understanding of a tool and its features will help you appreciate and use it to the fullest. According to the founder, the platform is working on the existing infrastructure with the instrumentality of super fast computers to buy assets, currencies and sell on the financial markets. This is done in daily trading sessions using the proprietary algorithm.

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In financial markets, different assets are priced differently, at a particular selling price by the seller and at a buying price by the buyer. In this case, this trading app is in different stages as it interacts with different markets.

Usually, at the time of registration, the trader deposits funds into the account, so the user is expected to take only a few minutes (on average 15-20) to make the necessary settings on the relevant parameters like stop loss etc. and activate trading.

Next, the app claims to start functioning independently by buying assets at a relatively low price and selling at a higher price to make a profit. Weed Millionaire's app is programmed to make strategic trading decisions. Hence the beauty of this invention in the trading world.

How to open an account with Weed Millionaire?

To start trading on this software, you must first open an account. We recommend that you invest no more than the required minimum of $ 250 and increase the stakes as your trust in the platform grows.


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The Weed Millionaire website allows its users to download the software for free, upon registration. The registration page is available directly on the home page of the site. Registration can be done using some details such as name and surname, email address, password, country and telephone number. These details are collected for several reasons. Having your name on your account helps identify the owner, for example.

To deposit

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Weed Millionaire is a platform whose software is freely available to its users. However, in order to start trading live, the user must make a deposit. The platform allows users to make a minimum deposit of $ 250. Funds can be deposited through various payment methods made available by the site.


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It is always recommended that every trader have a demo trading session on the website of any trading robot before proceeding with live trading, as this helps to familiarize themselves with the trading interface and the different terminologies used such as Order book, Balance, Liquidity etc. The beauty of trading with this software is that the stress is not on the trader's shoulders, as the software does all the work on its own. All that is required of the trader is to spend 15 minutes a day setting certain parameters.

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Key features of Weed Millionaire

Let's now take a look at the main features of Weed Millionaire, which have helped it become so popular.

Deposits and withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals are very simple to perform on this platform. Withdrawals are processed in less than 24 hours, and the robot offers numerous payment methods for deposits in an effort to meet potential customer needs.

zero commissions

According to the official website, Weed Millionnaire has no commissions or fees to pay, so all funds that are in the account belong to the user.

Regulated brokers

Once registered on the trading platform, your funds go through online regulated brokers. If you activate the auto trading mode, the money in your account will be used to automatically trade with these brokers.

Does Weed Millionaire get recommended by any celebrities?

No, the subject is still taboo in our country and so no one talks about it, at least not openly. But many have expressed their opinion on automatic trading.

Fabio FazioFlavio BriatoreLorenzo Jovanotti

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He knows the subject and even said in an online interview that he would like to talk about it on TV, too bad no one has ever allowed him! We cannot confirm whether he used it or not.

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As a skilled online finance expert, he too knows the subject. However, it claims that auto trading is only good for beginners. While trading manually. We can't confirm if he used it, and there appear to be fake rumors claiming he recommends something.

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People claim he said the topic met him shortly after bitcoin was launched and auto trading platforms allowed him to successfully trade BTC, capturing the boom of 2017. We cannot confirm these claims and they appear to be false.

Does Weed Millionaire offer a mobile app?

Unfortunately, Weed Millionaire doesn't have a mobile app. However, this should not be seen as a problem, because as long as you have an internet-connected phone at your disposal, you are certainly able to access the trading platform via it and trade on the go, without any difficulty.

Our verdict

After examining this software far and wide, we have come to the conclusion that it is a reliable robot within the new cannabis investment market. The industry is growing rapidly, making it a very attractive investment and it is recommended that you enter the market early to find yourself ahead of other investors.

The software works and the technology is surprisingly accurate. As always, we recommend trading with caution and not risking more than you can afford to lose. We recommend starting with a minimum deposit of $ 250 as an initial investment.

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How Much Should I Invest in Weed Millionaire?

You can invest as much as you want, but know that you don't necessarily have to make a big investment to get good results. However, the minimum deposit required to trade is $ 250.

I have no experience in trading, does this decrease my chances of making money?

With trading systems like Weed Millionaire experience is not necessary, because it works automatically. The software does it all by itself.

How do I know if a trade is profitable?

Weed Millionaire provides trading signals giving suggestions on which ones you can engage in.