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Saat (PreICO) (SAAT) ICO Dettagli e informazioni


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Nome ICOSaat (PreICO)
Data d'iniziogennaio 09, 2019
Data di finefebbraio 08, 2019
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2 settimane fa
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We are proud to introduce the first ever High Technology Agribusiness for efficient agric produce harvest for both local and foreign consumption and the diversification of the present farming system for sustainable job creation, through raising a cryptocurrency based on real farm produce. Farmers in less developed countries face a lot of challenges. They do not have access to credit, and around 40 percent of the produce is lost before it reaches the final consumer. There is a lot of local and international demand for West African food crops like coffee, cotton, maize, plantains and cassavas. The goal of the project is to raise funds via a blockchain system and an ICO for modern ICT based agricultural extension innovations, such as Smart Farm, Greenhouse Farming, and Low Temperature Warehouse, Drip Irrigation etc. in West African Sub Region. Through creating a real producebased blockchain option at low price and issuing SAAT COIN, which entails entering the cryptocurrency market and continuous distribution of agric farm produce harvest in Ether on SAATLAND Exchange Platform. We offer a profitable asset to interested investors. SAAT intends to expand and bring the use of ICT in modern agric-business on a large-scale High Technology and Individual small holding agricultural production. Starting with some West African countries, SAAT intends to expand beyond its current West African field, and rehabilitate more rural farmers operating within the precincts of African continent. The goal of the project is to address the lack of the most appropriate agricultural inputs in Africa, and tap into the full potentials of crop production activities for local and foreign consumption.

Agric-Hitech Expert
Smart Farm Manager

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Prezzo0.6100 USD saldi25,000,000 Metodo di pagamentoETH
investimento minimo0.005 ETH DistribuzioneN/A SollevatoN/A
Cap morbido3,500,000 USD difficile Cap10,000,000 USD

Passaggi per aderire all’Ico

in questo paragrafo vogliamo indicare quello che “di solito” dobbiamo fare per partecipare ad un’ico, fermo restando che molte ico possono avere alcune variazioni.

1)la prima cosa da fare è comprare Ethereum : è possibile farlo con carta di credito o bonifico bancario da Coinbase, Spectrocoin, Bitvavo

2)Inviare i propri Ethereum comprati sul nostro Metamask (è un’estensione di Chrome)

3)Inviare dal nostro Metamask gli ethereum che abbiamo deciso di versare verso l’indirizzo ERC20 che il sito dell’ico ha messo a disposizione.

Questa procedura è valida all’80% dei casi, il perchè è semplice,  le ico rilasciano i token tramite smart contract, inviando eth dal nostro metamask riceviamo per smartcontract i token.

Saat (PreICO) (SAAT) ICO Dettagli e informazioni
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