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Data d'inizioOttobre 30, 2018
Data di fineMarzo 15, 2019
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Blockchain, as a technology, was introduced in 2009, at the same time as “Bitcoin” and the widespread notion of a “distributed ledger”. It is from that point, that businesses have worked to introduce Blockchain in numerous industries and sectors. Transport and Logistics - is one such industry.

What if all logistics industry players become interconnected within a decentralized ecosystem, allowing them to interact directly and instantly with each other in a trustless and frictionless manner across the entire supply chain? Image if a customer purchasing a product triggers the whole supply chain, working in a single algorithm, matching suppliers of raw material, unfinished and finished goods through an automated, digital and real-time, blockchain based supply chain.

Our current centralized shipping marketplace is the first step towards this end goal, the foundation which will allow us to build the rest of the algorithm-based supply chain on, because 80% of the trade is moved by the sea, and it is maritime transportation, that trucking, railroad and air are heavily depend on.

This is the ecosystem that will be the foundation for a newly energized, intelligent shipping and logistics industry, that will be constantly evolving and learning, powering innovations and bringing further technologies to life, alleviating inefficiencies and easing cross-border transactions. The ecosystem that will be based on open unified protocols that are highly scalable without any single point of failure.

This will be SHIPNEXT version 2 - fully integrated ecosystem across the entire supply chain, grounded in transparent, trustless and instant operations, safeguarded by smart contracts backed with escrows, powered by decentralized computing capacities all around the globe, where consensus on transactions validity is achieved by delegated Proof of Stake algorithms.

In addition to connecting top industry players, such as ship owners, ports, cargo owners, SHIPNEXT will also connect other service providers, including banks, insurance companies, shipping service market, that is estimated to be worth over $1 trillion per annum.

SHIPNEXT mission is developing cutting edge technology to facilitate direct, instant and trustless interaction between the players in the global logistics industry, enabling further increases in transparency and efficiency, decrease in commodity costs, and providing token holders with a clear incentive to buy and hold tokens, with superior liquidity.


SHIPNEXT Supply Chain as the future of transportation: https://t.co/pRjJegkcnx

SHIPNEXT (https://t.co/rLByOkwjtn) for dry & wet-bulk, general & oversized cargo as well as SEARATES (https://t.co/1QNaoY8TuK) for containerized transport and AIRRATES join hands to launch a unique intermodal transportation & Supply Chain Ecosystem (https://t.co/jea1ojDiaz)

SHIPNEXT (https://t.co/gwrjotVrJR) will no longer show you cargo/freight requests unless you have a Ship. You will only be able to see your cargo...

#trading #shipping

SHIP TOKEN - an instrument for smart freight payments of under Smart Contracts. Banks that cooperate with SHIPNEXT will be given this tool to support transportation and supply-chain related blockchain-based ecosystems. Go to https://t.co/VDVLlaXMBU

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Prezzo0.1200 USD saldi400,000,000 Metodo di pagamentoETH, BTC, Fiat
investimento minimo10,000 USD Distribuzione40% SollevatoN/A
Cap morbido5,000,000 USD difficile Cap62,000,000 USD

Passaggi per aderire all’Ico

in questo paragrafo vogliamo indicare quello che “di solito” dobbiamo fare per partecipare ad un’ico, fermo restando che molte ico possono avere alcune variazioni.

1)la prima cosa da fare è comprare Ethereum : è possibile farlo con carta di credito o bonifico bancario da Coinbase, Spectrocoin, Bitvavo

2)Inviare i propri Ethereum comprati sul nostro Metamask (è un’estensione di Chrome)

3)Inviare dal nostro Metamask gli ethereum che abbiamo deciso di versare verso l’indirizzo ERC20 che il sito dell’ico ha messo a disposizione.

Questa procedura è valida all’80% dei casi, il perchè è semplice,  le ico rilasciano i token tramite smart contract, inviando eth dal nostro metamask riceviamo per smartcontract i token.

ShipNEXT (SHPC) ICO Dettagli e informazioni
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