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YellowBetter (YBT) ICO Dettagli e informazioni


Maggiori info sull’ ICO

Nome ICOYellowBetter
Data d'inizioGennaio 15, 2019
Data di fineMarzo 15, 2019
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Yellow Better is a response to trends in an unstable and constantly changing reality. The idea for the portal was created as a result of many years of observation of training and education services in the field of foreign language teaching, as well as the demand for such services. The interest and need to learn many languages is so great that it seems that supply is not keeping up with demand and does not take into account the key needs of target groups. The foundation of the portal is the belief that the most effective method of learning foreign languages is practice that connects directly to traveling, learning about culture, people and customs. Knowledge is then deeply-rooted in the context, it is absorbed faster and remembered for a long time. It is learning through experience. Emotions, real experiences, direct contact with a given culture activate the learning areas in the brain that remain dormant during a coursebook meeting with the language. Because the language is still alive, it reflects cultural contexts, customs and it is impossible to get to know it well without real contact with foreigners.


there are only 6 days left to finish Pre ICO. This is a chance to buy tokens at the lowest price of 0.01 EUR!

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Demo site update:

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24 days left to the end of Pre-ICO! Don't miss it 🙂

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TrackICO gave us a maximum score of 5/5! 😎😎


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Prezzo1 YBT = 0.02 EUR saldi1,500,000,000 Metodo di pagamentoETH, BTC, ETC, XRP, LSK, NEO
investimento minimo50 EUR Distribuzione75% SollevatoN/A
Cap morbido6,000,000 EUR difficile Cap35,500,000 EUR

Passaggi per aderire all’Ico

in questo paragrafo vogliamo indicare quello che “di solito” dobbiamo fare per partecipare ad un’ico, fermo restando che molte ico possono avere alcune variazioni.

1)la prima cosa da fare è comprare Ethereum : è possibile farlo con carta di credito o bonifico bancario da Coinbase, Spectrocoin, Bitvavo

2)Inviare i propri Ethereum comprati sul nostro Metamask (è un’estensione di Chrome)

3)Inviare dal nostro Metamask gli ethereum che abbiamo deciso di versare verso l’indirizzo ERC20 che il sito dell’ico ha messo a disposizione.

Questa procedura è valida all’80% dei casi, il perchè è semplice,  le ico rilasciano i token tramite smart contract, inviando eth dal nostro metamask riceviamo per smartcontract i token.

YellowBetter (YBT) ICO Dettagli e informazioni
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