Should you buy stocks? Is this a profitable investment? How to buy stocks safely, easily and without paying commissions? In this article you will find a complete guide dedicated to all those people who for the first time face the world of investment and want to do it without fail.

And to give our readers a valid tool with which to buy shares safely, we will also make a small mention of the best platform ever to buy shares from scratch.

Why do you need the best platform to buy and sell stocks? First of all, because you need a safe and reliable partner to entrust your investments to. Also, why do you need an easy-to-use tool if you are a beginner. And finally, because the best platform to buy shares in the world, it offers very precise advice and indications on shares to buy and more.

What are stocks and how to invest
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Shares are nothing more than the capital of a company divided into shares. Therefore, the value of the shares is directly linked to that of the company. If the latter earns, the value of the shares will rise and vice versa.

The shares of the companies are listed on the stock exchange, or on markets where the price of the single share is fixed on the basis of the supply / demand ratio. All those who wish to invest in a company can therefore buy shares on the stock exchange (through a platform) and hold them until their price has increased. When this happens, you can resell them for a profit.

Furthermore, whoever owns the shares of a company is also entitled to receive the dividends that the same share pays. Those who are approaching stock market investments for the first time think that buying and selling stocks is the only way to earn money.

Yes, this is also a correct strategy, but it presents a fundamental problem: the profit is obtained only if the value of the company and therefore of the shares issued rises. While it always loses when the value drops.

Fortunately, the best online platforms for those who buy and sell shares, offer the possibility of making a profit from their investment, regardless of whether the value of the share goes up or down.

The most interesting thing is that these very same platforms allow investors to sell shares short. What does it mean? It means making a profit by speculating that the stock will decline in value. In fact, precisely because it is a speculative stock, it is not really necessary to buy the stock.

Those who want to make money on the stock exchange must develop a strategy that allows them to always make money, regardless of market trends. Therefore, we advise budding investors to use platforms that allow them to sell short.

Before we get started, we wrote in the sections about the different ways you can invest so you can jump to a specific topic or keep reading below.


How to buy sharesBuying stocks online - The best options for investing your money 2020 - buy sell stocks

Investing in stocks, if done with the right strategies and the best tools, can be really profitable and even a beginner can.

How do you buy the shares? The first thing to do is to open an investment account on a reliable platform. These platforms allow you to invest in markets around the world, in a safe and simple way. Thanks to them, if I want to buy stocks, cryptocurrencies, or even commodities, I can do it safely.

In order not to talk too much, we want to move immediately to a more practical discourse to ensure that everyone understands easily how and where to buy shares.

Since our article is aimed primarily at novice investors, we will see how to use the simplest and most secure platforms available on the market.

First, once you have chosen your preferred platform, you will need to open a trading account. It is important to choose a platform that is easy to use, because the best stocks to buy are not available everywhere. Additionally, the best platforms offer excellent customer support and easy investing guides.

There are basically two ways to buy stocks today:Buying Shares Online - The Best Options for Investing Your Money 2020 - trading

  • Based on your knowledge or
  • By copying the best investors

In the first case, you will need to choose the markets on which to invest yourself. For this reason, we will need to perform an analysis of the markets, find out which companies could have a greater return in the future and things like that.

An increasingly widespread practice, however, is to invest by directly copying what the best traders do. Such as? With a tool called copytrading. A novice investor usually doesn't know which stocks to buy or sell and so doing what the best do is a good way to start.

Purchase and sale of shares in one day
Buying Shares Online - The Best Options for Investing Your Money 2020 - brain cogwork 853x1024 What investors should know about buying and selling shares in one day:

Those with large capital, on the other hand, are not interested in this type of strategy, because they can make speeches more long-term. Warren Buffett, for example, may decide to buy stock in a company and then sell them back after many years, only after relaunching it.

Those who have a few hundred euros to invest, on the other hand, must aim to obtain a quick profit: this is precisely why these strategies provide for the need to buy and sell short within 24 hours.

In order to do so many short-term operations, it is important to only use platforms that do not require the payment of commissions. If the fees are too high, trading on the same day could be counterproductive.

In a nutshell, the goal of a new trader should primarily be to earn the most, in the shortest time possible and the best way to do this is by using leverage. Leverage allows you to move more money than you actually have in your account. An excellent advantage for those who want to make maximum profit in the shortest possible time.

What stocks to buy tomorrow

So, those who want to buy shares, simply register on a reliable trading platform, to access a dashboard from which to buy and sell shares in the day or in the long term.

Now let's take the case of a novice trader, who wants to do everything himself and has already signed up for a platform that is easy to use, but wonders: which shares to buy?

In fact, the question is wrong: to make money in the trading world, you can both buy and sell shares short. This means that more than understanding which companies to focus on, it is necessary to understand how they will move in the short term.

If it moves up or down, we don't care, the important thing is that it does it decisively. The greater the movement, the greater the potential gain.

Buying Shares Online - The Best Options for Investing Your Money 2020 - stocks investing

In any case, a novice trader should above all aim to sell or buy shares short connected to large companies. It is one thing to buy stock in Apple or Amazon and quite another to buy stock in an unknown company.

Large companies, in fact, are not subject to the manipulation of the share price, while the unknown or almost unknown ones often see the occurrence of actions such as inside trading, designed to manipulate the price of their shares for a commercial return.

In addition, larger companies are under the scrutiny of the press 24/7, which means you can get "advice" on how to invest quickly, even from the evening news.

If Apple is about to launch its groundbreaking new product, for example, it's very likely that its stock is about to rise. While an internal scandal within the company could cause its shares to collapse.

Let's dispel a few myths about buying stocks online

Anyone can buy stocks online, and this business can be very profitable. Unfortunately, however, there are also completely made-up myths that still keep many people away from potential returns. Here's what they are.

  • It takes high capital to buy shares

It is the hardest to die false myth. Many still think that to buy shares it is necessary to have a high capital. It is not so! Thanks to the best trading platforms, it is possible to invest with a few hundred euros.

  • It's hard to buy 2020 stocks

It's a belief that limits many to investing in the best stocks to buy today. In fact, thinking that trading is something only for experts means giving up even before starting to make any type of investment.

This is not to say that choosing which stocks to buy today is simple. Surely it takes a lot of passion, study, commitment, but with the online trading platforms that are available on the net today, you can consult complete guides that can make a good trader even those who start from scratch.

  • It is easy to get scammed online in the stock markets

Today many people think that stock market scams and manipulations are the order of the day. True, there are online scams, but this is why the first thing we recommend is to use reliable and safe trading platforms.Buying Shares Online - The Best Options for Investing Your Money 2020 - etoro mobile app

It is also advisable to avoid falling into a trap. What are the baits that must immediately make you turn on the alarm light? All those ads that promise you to become Warren Buffet in no time, putting photos of Ferraris and dream homes by the sea on the front page.

Who should I contact to buy and sell shares?Buying Shares Online - The Best Options for Investing Your Money 2020 - Buying Stocks

Our portal has been offering a point of reference to all Italian investors for several years now. For this reason, we very often receive inquiries from people who want to know more about investing in stocks.

One of the most frequently asked questions is: who should I contact to buy and sell shares short? The question is relevant and also very cleverly posed, because making investments the wrong way means losing money.

The first suggestion we can give to our readers is to buy and sell shares, always and only on platforms that are reliable and in possession of a regular license. In addition, if this also offers the possibility of doing it without commissions, it is even better.

This is very good advice, especially for those starting with a small capital. Having to pay commissions on an investment of one hundred or two hundred euros is a real financial suicide.

For this reason, we never recommend buying stocks through your bank. All banking institutions in Italy charge commissions. Furthermore, our banks do not allow you to buy and sell shares short. Hence, it will never be possible to earn money if the value of the shares falls.

Useful tips to buy stocks and earn

A strategy that we recommend many of our users to use to earn more safely is to buy shares before the opening of the relevant stock exchanges. Because? Simple, to take advantage of the economic news that spread before the markets opened.

In fact, what many don't know is that for regulatory reasons, news that is capable of massively affecting the price of a stock cannot be spread when the markets are open.

Therefore, smart advice is to listen to this news through the major media outlets and act accordingly by buying or shorting a related stock.


Buying stocks can earn a lot of money, even for those who aren't very good at investing. However, we want to remind you that investing is not like playing online casinos. If you want to achieve optimal results, you must first choose reputable trading platforms and then only trade in an informed manner. If you want to learn more about trading with Bitcoin, you can also try automated trading platforms like the Bitcoin Revolution or Bitcoin Trader, as many people have started trading bitcoin due to the high risks and high rewards.