Buying bitcoins in cash: The ways to buy bitcoins are different, and of course there are also cash.

However, before even going on to describe the ways that can be used to buy bitcoins in cash, we must emphasize that bitcoins are virtual coins, and as such, they are not physical in nature, so if you see an announcement for a sale of bitcoins in currency, or in plastic or metallic paper, stay away: it's a scam.

Having said that, let's go on to evaluate the valid options for buying bitcoins in cash.

Buy bitcoins in cash

Prepaid card

First of all, you can use the most common ways to buy bitcoins in cash, or recharge your Postepay, debit card top-up and service card top-up.

Western Union also accepts cash for the purchase of bitcoins, and paysafe card is another absolutely reliable method which consists of purchasing bitcoin in the tobacco shop in cash. It is, among other things, an absolutely anonymous method, since you do not need to provide personal data of any kind.

Is it possible to buy bitcoins in cash? - bitcoin in cash

bitcoin in cash


At the beginning, many Italians bought bitcoins in cash through announcements: contacted the seller, met him in person and the transaction took place. It is a method that is becoming less and less widespread, also because it is increasingly difficult to find ads of this kind, but it is not impossible, see EBAY.

Of course you pay close attention to the buyer you contact. You will have to meet him in person, but before you even pay for it, make sure he has poured the bitcoins on your wallet.

To do this you should keep a special app on your smartphone, so you can quickly check and confirm that it is safe to make the transaction.

Since the ads are not only rare, but not too safe, however, the sites could be more useful Exchange of bitcoin.

You will still have to meet the seller in person, but at least you will have some more guarantees regarding his seriousness.

Facebook groups

there are many Facebook groups looking for sellers and buyers to buy bitcoins in cash. Also in this case it is advisable to meet the person and make payment and transaction at the same time