There are many operators who decide to invest every day by buying Amazon shares. Obviously, they do so because they decide to focus on an e-commerce giant, which will see its prices rise in the years to come.

If you are also thinking of making the same choice, the guide you can read below will help you orient yourself with greater awareness. In fact, inside you can find information as important as it is simple to understand to buy Amazon shares.

Furthermore, you will find information on trading platforms to buy Amazon shares such as Libertex, one of the best in the sector. This platform, in fact, is safe, reliable and allows you to start by investing a small capital.

Furthermore, Libertex does not charge any commission, which is fantastic for those who don't start with a large capital and it also allows you to do copytrading, i.e. copy what the best traders in the world do, in a completely automatic way. But where is it possible to buy Amazon shares today? Let's find out together.

How to buy Amazon shares in the bank: is it convenient?

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Anyone wishing to buy Amazon Italian stock until recently, had to go to an expert professional (who had to be paid lavishly) or to rely on a bank.

All this has changed since online trading is available to everyone. In fact, today it is possible to trade shares, stock market indices and even cryptocurrencies (just to name a few assets), directly from our PC or mobile phone.

Given that this aspect is now established, it would be worth asking how to perform these operations. Is actually buying the shares still worth it? Unfortunately not. Because? Simple, because Amazon Italy shares in particular are very volatile. Which means that by buying the actual shares, you run big risks.

The advantages of CFDs in trading Amazon shares

So how should it operate? If we take into consideration the advantages offered by Contracts for Difference (CFDs), then there is little doubt. These tools, which have been around for twenty years already but have only become popular with the boom in online trading, allow you to buy Amazon stock, but in reality without actually owning the asset.

  • CFDs are convenient because you don't buy the actual stock, but a derivative of it. Furthermore, CFDs are very convenient, since Libertex and other trading platforms do not charge you commissions to trade them.
  • But the # 1 advantage is to be able to earn on the value of Amazon shares both in case they rise or in case they fall. In fact, what the trader has to do is to guess the performance of the asset, opening a position of his choice between Short and Long.

Yes, you got it right. By operating with CFDs it is possible to earn on Amazon shares in real time even when their value drops. Which solves the biggest problem in one fell swoop, that of buying real Amazon shares.

The effectiveness of leverage to buy Amazon stock

Contracts for difference are leveraged instruments, which means that you can expose your position on the market using them, with a higher amount than what is actually deposited in your trading account.

However, leverage must be used very carefully. By widening the spread, in fact, it is possible to dramatically increase the gains, but also the losses.

For this reason, before starting to wonder how much an Amazon share is worth, you should start from the basics and understand mechanisms such as Take profit or Stop loss.


Amazon stock predictions

When it comes to buying Amazon shares, you need to ask yourself what the future trend of its shares is, also to better understand how to move. Making predictions about the future Amazon stock price is the best way to make great profits.

In this regard, it can be said with absolute certainty that Amazon is one of the most profitable companies in the world. The American giant, which is now used in every corner of the world, is based in Seattle. Over time, however, its presence has grown dramatically in every corner of the earth.

Compared to the competition, Amazon has gained quite a bit of ground in recent times, focusing in particular on standardized procedures and optimizing different aspects.

Despite the boom in the cost of Amazon shares, there are still some competitors that should be watched and that could do just as well in the coming years, including the Columbia House Company, Barnes & Noble and Apple above all.

Purchase a minimum lot of Amazon shares

Now that we know that buying Amazon stock is a good investment for the future, let's find out how much to invest. The company founded by Jeff Bezos does not seem to know limits to its expansion and continues to run on the stock market.

The upside of the Amazon chart will not end anytime soon. There are several reasons for its success. First of all, because this colossus is still led by its founder today. So no one better than him could know how to steer the boat.

Another aspect to consider, is that its CEO still owns most of the Amazon shares today. His assets should be just under $ 80 million!

Since he still owns 20% of his company, Bezos has every interest in this world to ensure that the boat continues to sail at full sail. So how many shares to buy?

Much depends on your capital. Luckily, platforms like Libertex allow you to invest even small capital and trade CFDs, without buying actual Amazon shares (which would be riskier for beginners).

On Libertex you can buy Amazon shares in euros, but also in other currencies if you wish. Furthermore, the value of Amazon shares today could be several points lower than the value we will have in 365 days, which means that this is the best time to invest!

More practical tips for buying Amazon stocks today

As mentioned above, buying real Amazon stock is not convenient, because the stock is very volatile. However, keeping in mind the advantages offered by CFDs, it is also worth remembering that these allow you to earn both in the event of a rise and fall of the stock.

Another very important aspect to keep an eye on is the launch of new services or products of the company, which could significantly affect the performance of the stocks. In this regard, we recommend that you also keep an eye on Amazon forum shares where traders exchange views on the stock.

A last, but not least, advice is to keep an eye on the performance of the Nasdaq in general. However, it should not be forgotten that aspects such as exchange rate fluctuations and patent infringement can affect the company's profitability and stakeholder confidence.

We can draw some conclusions from all the tips provided in this article. First of all, although it is not possible to buy Amazon shares at the post office, today platforms such as Libertex are available that allow you to trade the stock wherever you are.

Then, to trade profitably, it is important to keep an eye on the news that can affect the movements in the Amazon stock price. Plus, getting into the investment world by buying Amazon stock is really a step in the right direction.

Our conclusions on buying Amazon stock

To conclude, Libertex is a world-famous platform, guaranteed by various European bodies and with a registered trademark. All these aspects, but not only, make this operator 100% safe.

Be careful though! This does not mean that using Libertex you will certainly earn. Those who choose to use Libertex to trade Amazon shares are protected from data theft and scams, but must still delve deeper into the topic to apply the best trading strategies to obtain good returns.