IMA is an Italian company at the head of the homonymous group Industria Macchine Automatiche, which operates in the industrial packaging sector. In particular, IMA designs and manufactures materials and equipment for the packaging and processing of cosmetic, food, coffee, tea, tobacco and pharmaceutical products.

His earnings last year were excellent (around one billion and 600 thousand euros). The company invoices mainly abroad and can count on a workforce of about 6000 employees.

It is obviously one of the most important industries in Emilia Romagna, having its headquarters in Ozzano in the province of Bologna. Its factories, as well as in our country, are also located in Argentina, China, Malaysia, India, United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Switzerland, France and Germany.

IMA actions analysis

The most important Italian company in the packaging sector, has been listed on the Milan Stock Exchange since 1995. If you are considering trading IMA shares and adding this stock to your portfolio, it will be useful to know how the company could evolve in the following years. By doing so, it will be possible to minimize the risks.

Therefore, we invite you to follow the IMA shares trend with the best trading platform you could use online: Libertex. Here you can not only check the IMA stock graph, but also the performance of its competitors.

Keeping as much information as possible about IMA and its competitors at hand means being able to make a more precise analysis of the company's shares and therefore make a better trading from every point of view.


Tips for making the most of IMA shares

In order to make a correct analysis of the IMA share value, it is good to identify in advance all the announcements, publications and news released by the company and which could in some way influence the IMA share price on the stock market.

For this reason, we recommend that you always keep up to date on what affects IMA shares and company turnover. In particular:

  • It is important to monitor the sectors that are in some way related to IMA actions. In particular the pharmaceutical and agri-food industries.
  • It is necessary to observe which are the strategic collaborations that can expand IMA products. For example, the company's turnover could accelerate after having found a collaboration agreement with a large agri-food company and consequently, the value of IMA's Borsa shares would also increase.
  • It is also very useful to compare the results, partial and annual, of the group. If the expected results are achieved by the company, it is very likely that the following day we can see an increase in IMA shares in real time.
  • Competitors also play an important role in the evaluation of IMA actions. Because at any time these could take away important market shares from the group.

IMA dividend shares

IMA distributed its latest dividend last year, which marks a share of € 2 per share. The increase recorded compared to last year's dividend is + 17,65%. This means that the company is healthy and by making correct IMA actions forecasts, you can profit too.

IMA share performance

As previously mentioned, IMA shares made their debut on the Milan stock exchange back in 1995. In the first trades, the share changed hands at a value of 4 euros per share, then dropped to 1996 euros at the end of 3.

Immediately after, IMA shares start on a positive trend that will seem unstoppable. This carries the title up to the present day, when IMA shares reached a value of 84 euros per share. The all-time high was reached in June 2017 with a value of 84,85 per share.

However, the crisis of 2018 caused the loss of over 40% of the value of IMA shares in just a few days, which plummeted to the threshold of 51,65 per share in December of the same year.

After the crisis, IMA news shares led the stock to resume the lost road and reach the threshold of 75,95 euros per share again in mid-2019. Since then, the stock has undergone some unpredictable movements, the latest ones linked to the crisis pandemic we are experiencing.

IMA share forecasts

In the short term, according to experts, IMA shares could be subjected to a long period of negative phase. However, remember that with the CFDs offered by Libertex it is possible to earn both when the shares rise and when they are falling.

However, analysts also believe that in the medium term the company should resume its normal business and thus regain lost ground. Due to the crisis we are all going through, the level of volatility and trading volumes are quite complex to analyze, making it difficult to calculate risk.

The competitors of the IMA group

As mentioned above, in order to get the most out of IMA shares, it is important to also take into consideration its competitors.

IMA's numbers since its landing on the Stock Exchange are quite clear and its presence all over the world is the direct testimony of this. However, IMA is not the only major group in the sector in the world, there are other major international companies that could steal market share from it, and they are:

  • Tokyo Automatic Machinery Works Ltd. It is a company based in Japan and which specializes in the sale and manufacture of packaging machinery.
  • This is a company based in India and we know how competitive Indians are. It exports its products to many countries around the world.
  • This is a European company, based in Spain. Leader in the production of packaging machines, it distributes its products almost everywhere.
  • It is the classic star and strip company, world leader in the production of solutions for horizontal filling, pricing and trays for food.


In this article we have not only dealt with explaining how to buy IMA shares, but also with providing some basic information useful for analyzing the future performance of the company's shares.

By following these tips and above all, using the best platform around for trading, you will certainly be able to obtain excellent results. Furthermore, we remind you that with Libertex you can not only trade CFDs, but also shares, securities, raw materials, currencies and cryptocurrencies. All with a single efficient and easy-to-use platform.