Launched in 2008 by the Swedish startup Spotify AB, Spotify is a music service that offers on-demand streaming of a large selection of songs from different record labels and independent labels. With over 75 million users in 2015, it reaches 140 million active users, with more than 70 million paid subscribers in 2017.

Spotify, available in both free and paid versions, is widespread in most European countries, the Americas, Australia, New Zealand and some Asian countries. Music can be viewed in various ways: by artist, by album, by genre, by label or by playlist thanks to advanced and direct searches.

Developed in 2006 in Stockholm, Sweden by Daniel Ek, it was publicly distributed in 2008. While free accounts were only available by invitation, paid subscriptions were available to everyone at launch.

In addition, in the same period, numerous licensing agreements were announced with many of the major well-known record companies. To date, to meet the needs of its users, Spotify has announced the birth of Spotify Unlimited and Spotify Open thus guaranteeing one of the most popular free "shuffle" streaming programs for consumers.

Spotify shares today

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The Spotify group has developed a business that particularly exploits advertising revenues, in fact in its version the music is interrupted by regular intervals of the commercials, this while the user is listening. For the paid version (about 10 euros per month), the music can be listened to without the commercial interruption and allows unlimited listening.

Thanks also to its strategic alliances with important groups, such as Netflix and Tinder, in 2018 the Spotify group makes its grand entry on the stock exchange, deciding to diversify its streaming offer and offering journalistic content, thanks to an alliance with various publishers.

The introduction of this stock on the stock exchange has made a lot of talk about itself, given that its first session ended with an incredible rise of 12,9% on the market. The entry on the stock market of Spotify was made through a direct quotation procedure, with which the group cannot raise fresh capital.

This implies both for current shareholders the obligation to wait for the real stock entry to be able to sell their shares, as on the other hand for all those interested in investing their capital in the company, to wait for the real listing of the shares. .

To date, the Spotify group is not really very profitable given that unfortunately no profits have yet been generated in the ten years of existence, but investors are above all attracted by the great potential that this company has, which has 71 million paying users. Being Spotify the world number one in the sector, it certainly deserves the trust of those interested in investing in this enterprising startup.

How to buy Spotify shares

Before you can really start thinking about buying Spotify shares or not, you must first know what are the ways in which you can start buying shares and enter the stock market. You can proceed through banking institutions or by contacting online brokers thanks to the use of platforms on the web.

In order to acquire shares from banks, you must contact the financial investment banker present directly at the headquarters. He will present you several stock packages, you can choose the one that best suits your financial resources and your earnings objectives.

Banking institution or online platform?

To date, there are not many investors who make use of the choice of banking institutions, this purchase option now belongs to times past also because there are really many disadvantages to which it can face:

  • Firstly, you will run into much longer time frames to start your investments;
  • the commission and account management fees charged by the bank are much higher than those you may face by contacting an online trading broker;
  • customer support may be too scarce or insufficient.

All these aspects should not be underestimated especially if you are not very expert in the financial field and want to safeguard your capital so as not to risk losing it unnecessarily. With the development of technology, more and more investors are taking advantage of the choice to turn to online trading platforms on the web.Spotify Shares - Is it safe to invest in the digital music giant? - etoro

These instruments allow you to be able to invest minimum amounts compared to traditional methods without any type of commission, they are simple financial instruments that allow you to view the performance of the listed company that interests you.

You can trade in a safe and controlled way because these platforms operate under the most accurate supervision of CySEC, one of the most important financial supervisory authorities. Among the best known we certainly find the eToro platform.

What is eToro

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It is the world's leading platform in the world of online trading, the best known and appreciated with 10 million users more than satisfied and satisfied. The portal allows its users to access the world of the stock market in a simple and safe way. Platform suitable for all users, therefore it allows even the less experienced to be part of this compelling financial reality.

eToro offers on the site a wide range of stock markets in which to invest with the possibility of being able to constantly monitor the progress of your shares. Over the years, this innovative platform has secured the trust of many investors, who can no longer do without using it.

eToro has been operating in the financial sector for over a decade and with its simple, insightful and very advanced interface it is the best solution for anyone who wants to invest their capital in shares.

The advantages of using eToro

The platform offers two ways to be able to move easily and safely inside, let's analyze them together below.

  • SOCIAL TRADING: this mode will allow you to compare yourself with expert traders, who can help you and give you advice in order to choose more effective and useful financial strategies to grow the capital you intend to invest.
  • COPY TRADING: this highly appreciated option will give you the opportunity to imitate more profitable investments completed by other competent traders.
  • CUSTOMIZED TIMES: by paying a minimum additional fee, you will have the opportunity to obtain personalized times and days, so that you can keep your position on the market open even on closing days.
  • TWO DIFFERENT MODES: with the possibility of using both the demo version and the live version, it is open to all groups of users, from the most experienced to the less experienced.
  • DEPOSIT: the minimum amount required to start investing is only 200 euros.

How to buy Spotify shares on eToro

Investing in Spotify shares on eToro is very simple and below I will show you the few steps you will need to follow:


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First you need to open an online account on the platform, you access directly from the home page and fill out a form with all the personal data requested. Then send the above form by e-mail to the address indicated with your valid identity document attached. From here you have 30 days to confirm your identity and complete the registration and thus activate your account.


Spotify Shares - Is It Safe to Invest in the Digital Music Giant? - deposit etoro

Secondly, after activating your account, you will need to deposit the capital you want to invest (minimum required 200 euros) and choose the preferred payment method, including the most popular credit cards, bank transfer or electronic wallet, the best known is PayPal.

Demo version

Spotify Shares - Is it safe to invest in the digital music giant? - etoro demo

Especially aimed at less experienced people, it will follow step by step showing you the best way to manage your investments, as well as elucidating you on the platform itself.

Live version

Spotify Shares - Is it safe to invest in the digital music giant? - spotify etoro

Version open to everyone, more experienced or fearless users who want to start investing right away. After these few simple steps you can start investing in Spotify shares.

How to create an account with Libertex

The platform offered by Libertex is also very popular with beginners. This software has a very simple user interface to use and for this reason it is also appreciated by beginners. However, thanks to advanced trading tools, even professional traders use it regularly.

Follow these 3 steps to sign up and start using the platform in less than 10 minutes:

  1. Open a new page and type Libertex in the search bar. From the broker's main page, register to open a new account.Spotify Shares - Is it safe to invest in the digital music giant? - Libertex Create a 1024x530 account
  2. At this point you can start trading after financing your new account, making a deposit with credit cards or bank transfer. Spotify Shares - Is it safe to invest in the digital music giant? - Libertex Deposito 1024x490
  3. Remember to confirm your identity within 30 days to leave your account active and be able to withdraw. Now you can start trading live!Spotify Shares - Is it safe to invest in the digital music giant? - Libertex trading 1024x568

Libertex is also available on tablets and mobile phones, regardless of the operating system, because its site is optimized for the screens of mobile devices and can be accessed directly from the browser, without the need to download any application.

How to view Spotify stock chart and invest on eToro

Once you have finished the actions indicated on the registration method, you just need to start investing your capital. By accessing the financial markets, choose the goods and consumption option and identify the Spotify shares. From here, you will directly access the home page of the online trading portal of the start-up in question.

You can finally buy or sell the relevant CFDs, monitor the stock chart and follow the trend of the shares through constantly updated statistics. Last recommendation, but not least, always remember to set your stop loss and take profit, only in this way you can safeguard the capital you are investing.

Spotify shares forecast and what is the cost of Spotify shares

After gaining popularity in no time, Spotify has become one of the most used new applications in recent years. After consolidating in the sector in which it operates, the company began to make important alliances that allowed its users to take advantage of and make the most of this application, giving them the opportunity to share its contents.

The success achieved thanks to innovative updates, has led its creator to want to further expand on the stock market with a value of 26,5 billion in 2018. It must also be said that, unfortunately, in recent times due to various events , listening to music has dropped somewhat among the population, but it is certainly not the most serious thing in the world.

The app still holds 90% of the revenue from paid subscriptions. Most analysts who rated this new company showed an average future price per share of $ 160,42 compared to $ 120 today. Experts predict that it can grow by 28,89% in just one year.

Buy Spotify Shares reviews

The Swedish startup active for over 10 years has revolutionized the way we listen to music, managing to overcome the resistance of the big record companies.

Thanks to its services, it has risen to the top of the business rankings with excellent prospects for growth and prosperity. The change in the listening habits of the population is undoubtedly a great challenge however, the company is very strong and the current price of its shares is really convenient.


The various efforts made by the company that has been able to offer increasingly innovative services to its users and have distinguished themselves from other competitors for their marketing strategies must certainly be praised.

It goes without saying that the various partners close by the group are excellent indicators of a company that has all the trump cards to be able to go higher and higher.

To conclude, all you have to do is make your own assessments, analyze the history of this start-up and carry out a technical analysis to then decide whether to invest in this increasingly thriving company.