Cryptocurrencies, the 14% of Chinese has already invested

Cryptocurrencies, 14% of the Chinese have already invested. Cryptocurrencies continue to take hold in the Asian economy.

Cryptocurrencies, the 14% of Chinese has already invested - china crypto

According to a study by Pawnes, 1 in 7 Chinese has already invested in criptovaluta.

The survey found that only 75 of the 4.200 respondents had never heard of cryptocurrency or blockchain technology, accounting for around 2% of the survey sample. The investigation also found that 40% of respondents expressed willingness to invest in cryptocurrencies in the future, despite nearly 83% of the sample describing the investment in cryptocurrency as a new trend.

The 14% of the sample, or 598 respondents, said they had invested in cryptocurrencies, and almost the 70% of them bought the currency through a exchange. Again, 266 respondents came to own the cryptocurrency using airdrops, while 263 did it with the mining.

Social media wins

The sample indicated that i social media they are the dominant means by which Chinese citizens have been exposed to the cryptocurrency world, with 38% of respondents claiming to have been exposed to cryptography through social networks, followed by 26% who called "relatives and friends" into question . Panews also noted that most of the respondents associated cryptocurrencies primarily with investment products, and not as a medium of commercial exchange.

However, it is also true that while 4.125 respondents indicated that they are familiar with the concepts of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and blockchain technology, only 372 individuals described themselves as having a strong understanding of the relevant topics, amounting to around 9%. of all respondents.

Respondents and Bitcoin

Only 17 respondents said they hadn't heard of cryptocurrency, while 103 said they were unfamiliar with Bitcoin. 60% of respondents described common perceptions about the complexity of exchanging and storing cryptocurrency as the primary barrier for greater adoption of cryptocurrency.