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Say goodbye to wagering requirements

Winz's main purpose is to provide cryptocurrency enthusiasts with a fairer and more advantageous alternative to gambling on the online casino market.

As of March 2021, will waive all wagering requirements for bonuses. This decision applies to both regular and playful promotions, where prizes are always unrestricted.

Fair and transparent, now and forever! is committed to creating a transparent and trustworthy brand, where players can clearly see what they are getting. And more importantly, a brand that allows players to control their money.

Winz doesn't believe in standard bonuses, so when players come and make a deposit, whether it's a first or an ongoing deposit, the platform only offers no-wager bonuses.

Additionally, transparently informs players about the game's theoretical return to player values ​​(RTP) as there is a tendency in the market to manipulate the RTP. Winz retains all the original casino game settings, thus ensuring greater entertainment potential for the same money. Players can always check the game's RTP by tapping the information icon in the thumb section of each slot game. bonuses and rewards offers rewards that encourage users to try new games, foster a competitive spirit and incentivize users to reach new heights in leveling adventures. These types of bonuses are fair and transparent and consequently do not involve complicated terms and conditions.

Currently, players can get up to 150 free spins on your first deposit, with absolutely no wagering requirements. also offers the lucrative adventure of leveling up, providing an incredible 1 BTC main prize, paid in the client's preferred currency. No bets and no restrictions!

On top of everything, there are regular promotions relating to new games, tournaments and lotteries. And again: all prizes are free!

Why is Winz disrupting casino bonus trends?

Winz's new bonus policy is based on in-depth research showing that players are incentivized to play more if no wagering requirements are set. Player data and behavior analysis also show better winning potential and greater user enthusiasm for betting-free promotions.

When bonus wagering requirements are forced on players, users tend to lose interest or even cancel those bonuses prematurely. On the other hand, no-bet bonuses contribute to player loyalty, as high prizes are the quintessence for enjoying the gaming experience.