Ethereum and Ripple: they struggle to grow compared to other cryptocurrencies

Ethereum and Ripple: they struggle to grow compared to other cryptocurrencies - ethereum and ripple

Despite most of the cryptocurrency in the last period, or rather in the last two weeks, have seen a surge in their value, among these we find mainly Bitcoin, two digital currencies instead present difficulties in growing, these are: Ripple and Ethereum. There their listing in fact, even if it has seen a slight surge, the price is late in actually taking the flight. 

This statement comes from the movement that the two cryptocurrencies are having on the market during the last few days. Let us therefore see together lRipple trend and Ethereum, to be able to evaluate in detail how ever these two cryptocurrencies they are not having the growth that some investors expected on a par with other digital currencies. 

Ethereum and Ripple price trend in the last period 

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency that surely in the last period has been enjoying a lot of attention from investors, especially for the next release of Ethereum 2.0 which will bring many important changes that will improve its blockchain, currently to the extent used by various commercial banks internationally. These considerations therefore made one think that Ethereum's growth would have greatly increased, but on Friday his performances were considered subdued. In fact, the price first reached $ 364 and subsequently it has fallen below $ 350, with a variation of 20% compared to annual maximums. 

Ripple instead it had started last week with a promising rise, but in the following days this suffered a sharp setback. Ripple therefore failed to maintain its key support of 0,4500 and recorded a sharp drop, as it was trading towards the weekend then below the 0,4150 dollars. In any case, XRP could see during the coming days reaching a price above the level of 0,4220 dollars.