Trading: we compare the fees of the main cryptocurrency Exchange

Since last 22 March, bad news in the world of online trading, following the change of course of Coinbase Pro.

In the night between the 21 and the 22, after about half an hour of server closure, Coinbase Pro (see Coinbase Pro exchange details), one of the most important online trading platforms on the web and most used by digital users, has brought about a radical change as far as the structure of its taxes is concerned.

Trading: we compare the fees of the main cryptocurrency Exchange - Compare the fees of the main cryptocurrency Exchange

In the previous weeks an increase in the percentages of the was already announced fees structure (tax structure) triggering user dissatisfaction.

Proof of this are the many criticisms expressed on social media by users who had to say goodbye to free limited orders.

Although, according to the company, this will serve to improve the fluidity and quality of services, many customers have been so unhappy as to go and quickly search for new platforms on which to carry out their own orders and compare taxes.

Cryptocurrency Exchange: we compare the fees

Many investors value the Exchange of crypto based on the type of orders they offer. In general, orders that can be concluded are either taker or maker type.

An order is said taker if it has a higher priority and is processed immediately, while an order is said maker if it has a lower priority and ends up in the queue, precisely in the register of orders processed completely or partially.

Considering the longer times, a maker order will have lower taxes than a taker order.

Before choosing an Exchange site, the percentage of cost of a deposit, in relation to the figure entered and the time of deposit and, finally, the cups that must be paid when you make a withdrawal.

Fee Coinbase Pro Fee

Despite the tax increase implemented by the Exchange Coinbase Pro, the rates are still convenient for some users.

The cryptocurrency deposit is still price quotation così come il withdraw (collection costs). THU, it is possible to consult the percentage fees of Coinbase Pro.

Trading: we compare the fees of the main cryptocurrency exchanges - commissions with base pro

Fee Binance fees

Su Binance the situation is different. Taxes remain at 0,1%, while long-term discounts are applied from the date of the exchange's registration.

Also in this case, deposit and withdraw are free.

There are more discounts if BNB tokens are used as fees

Bitfinex Fee Commissions

Many experienced users with a particular availability of money are switching to Bitfinex which requires a first deposit equal to or greater than 10 thousand dollars. Taxes are constant, but entering a deposit below 1000 $ is quite high, while deposits and withdrawals are not free.

Fee Kraken Commission

Creak it is proposed as a valid alternative with costs to the links respectively for taxes and for deposits and withdraw.

Trading: we compare the fees of the main cryptocurrency Exchange - kraken fee

Fee Commissions Coinreal

It also shows noteworthy Coinreal, launched a year ago, but is already enjoying great success thanks to its tax policy.

Fee Commissions Kucoin

The site Kucoin offers a good discount policy on tax deposits e Bittrex applies a fixed 0,25% tax on each order, with free deposits and withdrawals.

Fee Commissions Huobi

Su Huobi the fees are always equal to 0,2%, but you can benefit from attractive discounts reserved for VIP customers.